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Ecodraft provides a collection of kegs with a patented double bag system that separates the pressure medium completely from the volume. Our kegs are suitable for everyone: from small businesses to multinationals and for all types of liquids. Due to the flexible filling and reworking methods (from manual to fully automatic), every business can start working from a surface of 1 m² with all Ecodraft kegs. The complete range is provided with the industrial standard couplers which can easily be connected to all existing lines and tapping installations. And there’s more: thanks to the implemented RFID system, kegs can easily be traced through the whole supply chain process.


Ecodraft provides re-usable kegs in 18 L and 30 L.

The development of an eco-friendly product resulted in the re-usable kegs collection.  Due to the easily exchangeable inner spears, each keg can be deployed again without expensive rinsing operations. Aside from that, the entire outer housing (top, bottom, outer keg) consists of exchangeable parts, which makes it possible to replace the complete keg. Hence, each customer can get a new clean interior with a high oxygen and CO₂ barrier. This makes the re-usable keg an excellent solution for higher cycles and more turnover in an eco-friendly way.

transparante combi kegs

Bag & adapter


The Ecodraft’s double bag system which is located within the HDPE keg, separates the pressure medium completely from the volume and will therefore never gets contaminated with CO₂ or pipe air. The bag is also easily replaceable, without expensive rinsing operations and guarantees a prolonged retention of flavor. This long shelf life makes the Ecodraft keg suitable for export, even for premium drinks with a low rotation.

The bag is fitted with an adaptor which connects the bag with the top of the keg. As opposed to the bag, the adaptor never needs to be replaced.

Couplers & valves

German Slider (A); US Sankey (D); EU Sankey (S)


The Ecodraft integrated exchange and filling equipment provides solutions on three different levels: the manual, semi-automatic and full automatic method. Each level is determined by the number of kegs that can be filled or exchanged per hour. The equipment can also be supplied without a filling function. With the adapted solution, Ecodraft goes one step further: With limited adjustments to the filling head and the programming, all kegs can be fillable on existing lines.

Traceability & recycling

Asset tracking and management with RFID

A RFID system is made up of a chip and a reader. Each Ecodraft keg, spear or adapter is provided with a chip. Thanks to a unique serial number and to the RFID reader all products will be identified and stored in a central database.

This system makes it easier to track kegs through the whole distribution process. The RFID also assures more accurate inventory tracking, faster inventory picking, reduced out-of-stocks and less asset loss.

Environmentally responsible and recyclable

All Ecodraft kegs are manufactured from pure and easily recyclable materials, without additions of aluminum layers or harmful substances. Used inside works are moreover, easy to separate from the keg and the massive HDPE outer housing is also a prized article on the recycling market. The high recycling value and the almost 100 % recyclability are an ecologic concept in combination with the disappearance of flush operations and empty return transports.

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