100% taste stable
Prolonged shelf life

Thanks to the high barrier values of the patented double bag system and an O and CO barrier in the valving system, this packaging offers a unique and reliable barrier performance in a wide range of conditions. The Ecodraft kegs have been designed in such a way that even when there is a penetration of oxygen, the carbon dioxide will be retained. All components which are in direct contact with the beverage, are manufactured from the most innovative materials that are currently available.

Re-usable materials

The inside works of all Ecodraft kegs are solely manufactured from pure recyclable materials and laminates, without additions of aluminum layers or harmful substances. The massive HDPE outer housing is also a prized article on the recycling market. The high recycling value and the 100% recyclability are a thoroughly green concept in combination with the disappearance of flush operations and empty return transports.

Fully customizable
Optional branding

Ecodraft offers three different types of optional branding to meet the needs of their customers: Top labels, shrinking sleeves and top imprints. Top labels are keg labels on which information is printed about the content of the kegs. They are made in full-color printed carton and placed on top of the kegs. Shrinking sleeves are 360° sleeves which are placed among the middle of the outer-keg. The design of the top imprint is always embedded in the plastic of the keg and can be customized at the request of the customer.

Fitted with standard couplers
S,A & D

All Ecodraft kegs will soon be fitted with industry standard couplers other than the EU Sankey (S). At the discretion of the customer, Ecodraft is currently developping the US Sankey (D) and the German Slider (A). Without additional investments in extra connection pieces, the kegs are immediately available and usable for every customer, worldwide from big to small.

Easy to use
for filling and tapping

Thanks to its sophisticated shape, lightweight, reduced diameter and solid robust handles, all Ecodraft kegs are very ergonomic and easy to handle.

Pressure resistant
Overpressure valve & reinforced inner keg

The HDPE casing has the property to NEVER explode even in extreme destructive overpressure and the overpressure will always escape controlled. All kegs are fitted with a matching pressure relief valve which is produced according to the applicable rules in terms of EU and FDA food safety.

100% safe & secure

An investment in years of extensive research, in close collaboration with prominent beer professionals, resulted in the choice of the best materials and a completely safe solution with sophisticated lock systems and extra pressure valves. They guarantee years of extreme high-pressure resistance without making one single concession in terms of taste.

Financially advantageous

Less investment, less keg loss and lower logistic costs

Ecodraft kegs have a large efficiency, without one single investment. The deposit value covers the purchase price and previous investments in stainless steel kegs can be freed up easily in this way. The deposit value even covers the loss of barrels which provides new export opportunities and solutions for seasonal requirements. Ecodraft kegs are a better alternative than the traditional kegs within the world of beverage distribution: more practical, more ecological and more financially advantageous.


A RFID system is made up of a chip and a reader. Each Ecodraft keg, spear or adapter is provided with a chip. Thanks to a unique serial number and to the RFID reader, all products will be identified and stored in a central database. This system makes it easier to track kegs through the whole distribution process. The RFID also assures more accurate inventory tracking, faster inventory picking, reduced out-of-stocks and less asset loss.

As robust
as stainless steel kegs

Ecodraft kegs have the same drop height (1,5m) and lifetime (8 years) as stainless steel kegs.

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