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Are the Ecodraft kegs interesting for home breweries?

Ecodraft has started with the development of the 10L keg to meet the needs of the home brewers and small businesses. Moreover, all Ecodraft kegs will soon be available in small quantities on our webshop.

Does Ecodraft deliver kegs to clients?

Our kegs can be picked up at our warehouse or sent to the customer by an independent transport company. The transport cost will be invoiced to the customer. Thanks to our close collaboration with different carriers, we can offer very competitive transport prices. If desired, the customer is free to organize its own transport.

Is there a double bag system in the keg?

Yes. We use a unique patented double bag system, whereby the pressure medium (CO₂) in the outerbag is completely seperated from the beer volume (inner bag). This allows the keg to be connected and disconnected without the liquid making contact with compressed air. Oversaturation with CO₂ will thus be excluded. The bag material is covered by a new, revolutionary material which has particularly high O₂-barrier properties. All of this without the use of aluminium, because it is very harmful to the environment and moreover, aluminium micro-cracks would perforate the bag when unfolding. All our kegs are produced with our double bag system so no more need for cleaning, rinsing, steaming, blow drying, etc.

Is fermentation in the kegs possible?

Yes, fermentation is possible. The kegs are high-pressure resistant and suitable for highly carbonated drinks. 

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Soon, you can buy a single keg on our webshop but we also promote trial runs and filling tests of our kegs. The filling test can be completed with a manual filling tool or with a filling machine. This filling machine is not meant for commercial rental or for prolonged filling tests. The machine remains the property of Cardiff Group nv. Technical assistance can even be provided, if necessary.

All our unit prices (ex works) can be found on our webshop or the page Product/Prices. Ecodraft also offer kegs in larger quantities. The 30L  kegs are available per Europallet of 40 kegs, the 18L re-usable kegs, per Europallet of 80 kegs. Please contact your regional sales representative for a price offer. 

Yes, this is possible. Ecodraft offers three different types of branding to meet the needs of their customers: Top labels, shrinking sleeves and top imprints. Top labels are keg labels on which information about the content of the keg is printed . They are made in a full-color printed carton and placed on top of the keg. Shrinking sleeves are 360° sleeves which are placed among the middle of the outer-keg. They can be removed when you re-use the keg but you can also retain the sleeve until it is worn. The design of the top imprint is always embedded in the plastic of the keg and can be customized at the request of the customer.

Yes, Ecodraft is present on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Follow us and discover our latest offers and innovations.

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