CEO, Peter Lambrechts

"We focus on reusability whereby the use of new raw materials is
minimalized. Additionally, our
compact filling spears reduce the
impact of transport on the environment as well as the production of
HDPE which brings less energy and CO2 in production."

Best shelf life & taste preservation  

We protect your beverage to the fullest!

Thanks to our double bag system, we can ensure a great taste preservation as intented by the brewer. Benefit from our 1-year shelf life, inclusive 4 months on tap, which is even 4 times longer than one-way or stainless steel keg. Enjoy brewing and (re)fill Ecodraft kegs in our 100% food grade double bags (spears).

Unbeatable price per fill due
to unique reusable concept

Make more profit!

Boost your overall margin up to 10%, save up to 30% on packaging cost vs One-Way solutions. Choose our cheapest price per fill model and re-use, re-spear and re-fill your Ecodraft kegs. The more you fill, the lower your cost will be, with 10 year warranty on our kegs.

Track & manage your kegs with I-Spaniel keg software (RFID or NFC) and gain more profit out of your reusable kegs.

80% less waste vs one-way

Our innovation helps the environment

With 80% less waste vs One-Ways and with plenty of multiple coupler options. Switch easily between our S, D or A spears. Perfect for export opportunities. 

Reduce CO2 on transport thanks to our stacking performance. A full pallet of spears means 504 new & 100% food grade (re)fillings. Less transport costs and less water nor chemicals to be used for rinsing operations.

Switch from rental to
self-owned kegs at any time

Choose what fits best for your brewery

You can either buy or rent our reusable kegs.
If you choose to rent our kegs, you will have:

  • No upfront investment (free keg rental)

  • Without any additional fees

  • Starting at 200 fills per year (contract)

  • Incl. I-Spaniel keg software to track & manage your kegs

Switch easily from rental to self-owned kegs at any time and get 10% reduction per year you rent (max. 50% after 5 years)

Reduce the amount of water, chemicals, waste & transport

Focus on reusability and reduce your eco-footprint

1 keg, 3 couplers

Multiple options - Ideal for export

Our double bag system is fitted with  Sankey couplers  (type S) as well as  German Sliders  (type A) and  US Sankey couplers  (type D). You can choose which fitting is the best for your customer. All our different spears fit on the same reusable keg. 

Safe & robust

15 bars protection with top-bottom
or upside-down filling

Our robust HDPE casing can hold 15 bars / 217 psi of pressure and only bursts when exposed to extreme destructive overpressure. Another safety feature is our  overpressure valve  overpressure valve , to prevent any accidents from happening.

All kegs are fitted with a matching pressure relief valve which is produced according to the applicable rules in terms of EU and FDA food safety.

Is your brewery already eco-minded?

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