Different types of beverages

Ecodraft kegs only for beer? That is not the case! They were initially created for beer packaging but in the meantime our reusable kegs have become suitable for different kind of beverages such as wine, cocktails, cold coffee, kombucha and beer.

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Choose the keg that suits your brewery 

  • 10L keg 

  • 18L keg 

  • 30L keg 

Main advantages

+  Your beer as intended by the brewer: Best shelf life & taste preservation 

+  30% lower cost than a one-way: unbeatable price per fill

+  Best eco-friendly keg: 80% less waste vs one-way 

+  Rental or self-owned kegs: switch from rental to self-owned kegs at any time

What you will receive as extra :

+ Many filling possibilities : manual, semi-, full automatic or existing filling lines

+ Increased efficiency : better stackability, no rinsing operations and less logistic costs

+ Reducing CO2 on transport - 504 fills per pallet

Suitable for every business and for different types of beverages

+ Robust keg with 15 bar pressure resistance & FDA approved

Couplers can be switched easily , ideal for export 

Unique tracking solution (I-Spaniel) to track your kegs at any time


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Shop Ecodraft online

Ecodraft webshop is available! Request your credentials to your account manager and order your reusable kegs, spears and accessories online. It's simple, easy and fun!

Easily track & manage
your reusable kegs!

iSpaniel is a unique keg/cask tracking solution that uses an NFC chip and smartphone app to track a brewery's operational stock of containers.  It delivers high business value by increasing the asset utilization, control and profitability of kegs/casks.

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