How to fill Ecodraft?  

Our reusable kegs can be filled manually, semi- or full automatically. We help and assist you during each filling process, even with your existing filling lines. 

Manual equipment

15 kegs / hour

Exchange tool

Ecodraft kegs have been developed to be reused. Refilling can even be done manually, thanks to the Exchange tool.

You unscrew the head and can easily remove the interior. Placing a new bag (always with the head included) will be done easily. Place pressure on the outer bag and start refilling immediately. All of this happens without any rinsing operation. Watch the video to discover how to exchange the spear.

Filling tool

Thanks to the simple but sophisticated double bag system, it is possible to conduct the entire filling procedure manually. It is the most budget friendly solution for every enthusiastic business who wants to fill Ecodraft kegs in a professional way. Watch the video and see how to fill your kegs.

Semi-automatic equipment

40 kegs / hour

Spear exchange & filling machine

The overall machine has been conceived as a modular system with two modules. The module on the left has the functionality to vacuum the old spear and remove the spear from the keg. The module on the right is able to prepare a new spear (outer bag expansion) and fill the keg. According to customer needs, modules can be produced separately or duplicated for a higher capacity than 40 kegs per hour.

Automatic equipment

80 kegs / hour

Spear exchange & filling machine

A full automatic exchange unit will speed up the exchanging time even more. The process of suction and applying vacuum to the inside bags, the removing of the complete interior, placement of the new bags and pressurizing the outside bags occurs completely automatic here. This automatic unit is especially developed and optimized for the exchange and filling of the 18L and 30L Ecodraft kegs.