What fits best for your brewer?

Start with our rental model or invest in your self-owned Ecodraft keg pool. The choice is yours!

Make more profit !

+ Unbeatable price per fill due to our unique reusable concept
+ Boost your margin up to 10%, save up to 30% on packaging cost vs one-way
+ Cheapest price per fill: the more you fill, the lower your cost

+ With 10-year keg warranty
+ Track & manage your kegs with iSpaniel Keg Software (RFID or NFC)

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Text and Image

Only pay-per-fill !

+ No upfront investment (free rental of kegs)
+ Without any additional fees
+ Starting at 200 fills per year (contract)
+ Incl. iSpaniel keg software to track & manage your kegs
+ Kegs as a service to avoid capex & still save 10% vs one-way
+ Switch to self-owned kegs & get -10% on the keg per year

(max. -50% after 5 years)

Get more keg insights with iSpaniel

Scan the tag, track & manage easily
and increase your keg profitability!

How our solution helped EcoBrewery ?

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Ecodraft self-owned kegs

In Practise: EcoBrewery made the decision to switch from a one-way keg park to self-owned Ecodraft kegs. Contact us and let's calculate together, in order to fully understand the advantages of Ecodraft.

EcoBrewery is now:
a greener brewery: 95% of an Ecodraft keg is reused
+ a more efficient brewery: less transport & less storage required
+ more economical: saved more than 10% in cost vs One-Ways

Want to discover more about how Ecodraft helped Ecobrewery?

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