Reusable kegs that fill your needs
and save
our environment.

Better and a lower cost per fill than a one-way.
What are you waiting for?

Ecodraft, the greenest  keg on earth

    Your beer as      intended it to be

Best shelf life & taste preservation guaranteed on tap.

30% lower cost than a one-way

 Unbeatable price per fill due to our unique reusable concept. 

Best eco-

80% less waste
vs one-way

Rental or
self-owned kegs

Switch from rental to
self-owned kegs at any time

Ecodraft helps during Covid-19  

Help bars & restaurants during these unforeseen times and choose for Ecodraft reusable kegs. We protect your beverage to the fullest with a great shelf life on tap up to 4 months.

The extra benefits you get with Ecodraft

1. Global pool system

It is our mission to reduce the amount of waste created by transportation. Our global pool system facilitates the matching between breweries, willing to exchange Ecodraft kegs. 

2. Double bag system

We separate the pressure on tap completely from your beverage to ensure the best shelf life experience. No oversaturation nor sediment on tap. 

3. Eco-system

Using Ecodraft kegs means: 80% less waste vs One-Ways, reducing CO2 on transport and preventing on rinsing operations (no water or chemicals). We are the greenest keg!

4. Switch couplers easily

The complete range is provided with the industrial standard couplers S, D or A and can be switched easily, which makes it perfect for export opportunities.

5. Long shelf life

Ecodraft protects your beverage to the fullest: our kegs provide a shelf life of 1 year in keg and 4 months on tap. That is even 4 times longer than a one-way or stainless steel keg!

6. High pressure resistant

Our kegs are robust and lightweight with 15 bar pressure resistance and an over-pressure valve during 8 bar. Each keg can be modified, depending on your product specifications.

Ready? Start filling Ecodraft

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